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An average night playing video games except for a sudden slip, bump and... magic summoning ritual? Our "hero" finds himself in another world at the behest of a haughty Demon Queen and is appointed her new "Dungeon Master" to fortify her dungeon against all those who would dare enter. The Demon Queen wields world-ending magical powers and obviously has made a few enemies as she whimsically torments humanity, hopefully it is clear why she would need a dungeon to ward off any would be do-gooders who would try to stop her. 

Quickly you find the dungeon is under attack by the worlds strongest heroines, led by the Princess Knight Risette. She is a serious woman and, thanks to her virtuous nature, was chosen to wield a holy sword which is key to defeating the Demon Queen. Risette feels she is honor-bound to defend her kingdom from the Demon Queens' forces and leads the charge into the dungeon. Accompanying Risette is her sword-teacher Aina, she is considered the greatest warrior in the realm. While Aina has no talent for stuff like magic she has rigorously trained her body so that she is unmatched in terms of physical strength. Suzuka is a shrine maiden from an eastern kingdom. Touched by Risette's resolve to defend the world from the threat of the Demon Queen she came to aid Risette on her quest. Suzuka communes with the gods who bestow herself and her allies with powerful blessings. Finally, Ulysses the High Priestess of Healing. She has vast magical knowledge and her limitless kindness leads some people to believe she is a goddess herself. 

Witness the depraved tactics and perverted traps these brave heroes are subjected to by the Demon Queen's newest dungeon master. Such is the fate of all those who dare enter the Devious Dungeon.

Deviant Dungeon is the English localization of a Visual Novel originally created by prolific Japanese developer Norn/Miel. We at Cherry Kiss aim to provide an authentic Japanese Visual Novel experience to gamers outside of Japan.


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Since this game is on Steam is it all censored.. ?  

i purchased the game and have not recieved a steam key

Sorry we didn't notice your message here earlier.  Did you figure things out?  If you're still having a problem please email us at info@cherrykissgames.com and our support team will follow up.

ufffff nuevo juego isekai de cherry KISS, he comprado la version de android, siempre que se pueda apoyare 

ufff thanks cherry kiss the visuals from norn/miel are great, SALUDOS , i've bought the android version, you know me *.*