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I played this game before. I love it


IMO not worth the money, got more enjoyment from cheaper or free games. This one isn't bad, just not worth that much comparatively

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How come your website lists under supported platforms  MacOS but their is no option to buy any of your games for Mac here on Also are these games uncensored or the same exact game as the Japanese released just translated into English?


Hey JohnDoeAnimeFan,

We do produce MacOS options but those are solely sold on Steam atm. The titles are localized from Japanese titles into English, Chinese Simplified + Traditional, and Spanish.

Kind regards, Cherry Kiss Team

Thanks for answering my question bummer that your Mac options are only available through Steam as a lot of your games aren't sold on Steam. Hopefully your other games become available for Mac on itchio in the future.

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Hello again JohnDoeAnimeFan,

We have almost all of our titles available on steam. You might not be able to see our titles due to content restriction of 18+ content on your account or there might be a restrictions due to regional restrictions.

Many of our titles including “My Yandere Sister Loves Me Too Much” are available on Steam.

Kind regards, Cherry Kiss Team